Odp: [sdiy] Introduction and a question

Roman modular at go2.pl
Wed Aug 7 23:01:22 CEST 2002

Am I the only lucky here?

At my place they accept files from FREE EasyTrax, and prices are
good. On Monday I picked 5 boards, 1-sided with soldermask,
about 10x5cm (4''x2'') and paid equivalent of 10$ total.
My biggest order was 4 sequencer boards, each about 23x15cm,
double sided, soldermasked, with silkscreen, and it cost me
something below 100$.

for those interested (if you read Polish):


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> > I should follow this up with one caveat to using profesional board
> > houses...they expect professional quality artwork, which means you will need
> > to get a PC board CAD program.
> Also they expect artwork in Gerber format. You MUST have a Gerber viewer to
> check your output plots!!! Otherwise you will waste a LOT of money.
> Look for a program called "GCPrevue" which is a free Gerber code viewer.
> This allow you to check your aperture tables, plots and drill tables for
> accuracy.

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