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> R> this one I don't understand. Why 2 multimeters?
> R> One is enough for
> R> anyone (like 640kB of RAM, but I digres).
> Not exactly...One meter with a needle and one with a display is much
> better. An analog readout does have its advantages in some cases (say

true, analog meter is especially usefull when checking transformer
secondary voltages. But the same thing can be achieved by adding
100k or smaller resistor in paralel with DVM input. As for seeing
rapid voltage changes - there are meters with analog bar, although
I haven't seen any decent one besides a Fluke worth 400$.
But if only fast change indication is the reason to have analog meter,
I wouldn't spend more than 5 bux for it. 

> R> Name "precision" equals "high price". For simple
> R> DIYing you don't
> R> need precision power supply. Those can cost
> R> 500-2000$. But you
> Nonsense...B&K precision is a relatively reasonably priced line of
> gear. I have a BK Test Bench 388A DVM, and absolutely love it (except
> for aforementioned situations where I'd rather have an analog) V up to

do you have also precision B&K power supply I was reffering to?
I searched for good power supply and I couldn't find the one
that does what I want PS to do, being reasonably priced.
Now you can say that I want too much. But I love the ability
to setup voltage in 10mV steps, not to mention similar thing
for current limit...


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