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I've done a lot of my own circuit boards, and at least for the simple ones
I've had pretty good luck laying them out in AutoCAD (use polylines so you
can easily tweak the line widths), then printing out the pattern onto an
overhead transparency film. (Note: Make sure you buy the right type of
transparencies for your printer. A laser printer can melt the plastic film
if you get ones that aren't meant for use in a laser.) This method makes a
high quality film that you use to expose the board and I find it to be a lot
easier than the stick on / rub on transfers. 

Tim (no more HTML messages) Servo

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Hello All,

I have been lurking for a little while and thought I
would introduce my self.  I have been into analog
synthesis since the early 90's when I attend Evergreen
State College in Olympia, WA.  I was exposed to an Arp
2600, Buchla 100 and 200 music boxes, Buchla Easel,
and a full blown 3 cabinet Emu Modular with keyboard.
I own an Arp 2600 and a Doepfer suitcase among other
goodies.  I want to expand my module compliment and am
just about to take the plunge into DIY.  I have a
20Mhz scope and Digital Voltmeter Meter.  I can read
schematics and can solder.  The current hump I see to
overcome is PCB fabrication and panel artwork.

My question is this:  Has anybody read and used the
information presented in either of these books and are
there better sources of information for the
fabrication of PCBs?

Making Printed Circuit Boards
by Janet Louise Axelson
ISBN: 0070027994

Fabricating Printed Circuit Boards
by Jon Varteresian
ISBN: 1878707507

On a personal note, as an owner of Nord micro modular,
I see the worlds of analog and digital converging with
DSP and discrete components living together in the
same box.

Thanks in advance,


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