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>     Guess I need to get back to work on the Synth-DIY FAQ.... :-)
>     Making printed circuit boards is a much discussed topic...there
> two schools of thought (and please be aware, these are my opinions,
> will see others).
>     1. Making boards at home, while time consuming, is perhaps the
> "cheapest" way to go from a materials cost point of view.  However,
> do have to spend a considerable amount of your time (and if that
time is
> "free", no problem) doing the work of producing boards, plus the
> frustration of having to toss out a run when something goes wrong.
> also have to be willing to deal with the chemicals needed to do this
> personally hate this part).

www.maxnc.com, or www.sherline.com

Or, you can look on ebay for a router/milling machine to do boards
with.. I have found it far more rewarding and quick, although you need
to have really good bits..

Some guys at work iron on the inverse pattern direct to the board,
then use a dremel to outline the traces by hand with a flexshaft and a
burr bit or mill bit.. Great results, but a bit time consuming.


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