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    Guess I need to get back to work on the Synth-DIY FAQ.... :-)

    Making printed circuit boards is a much discussed topic...there are
two schools of thought (and please be aware, these are my opinions, you
will see others).

    1. Making boards at home, while time consuming, is perhaps the
"cheapest" way to go from a materials cost point of view.  However, you
do have to spend a considerable amount of your time (and if that time is
"free", no problem) doing the work of producing boards, plus the added
frustration of having to toss out a run when something goes wrong.  You
also have to be willing to deal with the chemicals needed to do this (I
personally hate this part).

    2. Getting boards made by a profesional Boards house.  There are
many on the internet.  I use http://www.4pcb.com .  They have a deal
where you can get 6 boards made for $33 each (comes to about $200).  For
those who have used this service before, please note that 6 boards is
now the minimum quantity (it used to be 2).  While this seems like a
lot, you do get boards that are double sided, plated through holes, LPI
solder mask, and a legend on one side.  Other people have used other
similar services.

Ethan Zer0 wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have been lurking for a little while and thought I
> would introduce my self.  I have been into analog
> synthesis since the early 90's when I attend Evergreen
> State College in Olympia, WA.  I was exposed to an Arp
> 2600, Buchla 100 and 200 music boxes, Buchla Easel,
> and a full blown 3 cabinet Emu Modular with keyboard.
> I own an Arp 2600 and a Doepfer suitcase among other
> goodies.  I want to expand my module compliment and am
> just about to take the plunge into DIY.  I have a
> 20Mhz scope and Digital Voltmeter Meter.  I can read
> schematics and can solder.  The current hump I see to
> overcome is PCB fabrication and panel artwork.
> My question is this:  Has anybody read and used the
> information presented in either of these books and are
> there better sources of information for the
> fabrication of PCBs?
> Making Printed Circuit Boards
> by Janet Louise Axelson
> ISBN: 0070027994
> Fabricating Printed Circuit Boards
> by Jon Varteresian
> ISBN: 1878707507
> On a personal note, as an owner of Nord micro modular,
> I see the worlds of analog and digital converging with
> DSP and discrete components living together in the
> same box.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ethan
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