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Henri Kovalainen hekovala at kovalainen.fi
Wed Aug 7 09:11:02 CEST 2002

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Grant Richter wrote:
> This comment is aimed specifically at the Wiard. In the Waveform City, there
> was no panel space to put an attenuator on the linear FM input. However the
> VCA in the module can be used for this purpose with added dynamic depth FM.
> And each section of the Envelator can be used with the oscillator AR
> envelopes to form two full ADSRs. This was too much of a compromise for
> Andre.

Now come on!

He (Andre) complains about the state of things, without actually saying
what _should_ be done or what the interface/technology/whatever should
look like so that it would please him. Neither does he obviously
understand the practical limits set by economic and/or technical aspects
in producing a piece of gear. For example if the compromise you mention
above spoils the module for him, I believe that his real problem isn't the
module itself but lays elsewhere. I also believe that you could indeed use
as much time as you like trying to modify your system according to his
"needs" and in the end he would still not be satisfied.

Module manufacturers, please don't waste your time on people like this
(umm, unless they pay you _well_). Where I live, people also call this
type of commentary "whining".

Oh, he's in search of his "muse" alright.

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