[sdiy] Re: [AH] Ungrateful users?

KA4HJH ka4hjh at gte.net
Wed Aug 7 07:44:30 CEST 2002

>Paul Schreiber says MOTM doesn't sound as good as "every synth ever made"...

Don't just take Paul's word for it--listen to what someone nobody's ever
heard of has to say...

"The MOTM system--the best damn almost-as-good-sounding analog synth ever
made--PERIOD. It can do everything every other analog synth in existence
can with at least one trivial exception! If you have a museum FULL of
functioning analog synths we can guarantee you that it will be missing at
least one feature of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!! Each module is cleverly
designed by their crack team of experts to be missing at least one pot,
jack, filter pole or other esoteric but not really necessary feature every
egotistical artiste would kill for without adding a single trendy gimmick
that will end up on the roadside of history like the dinosaurs! This
middling masterpiece consistently falls just short of satisfying everyone's
daydreams--while functioning superbly! It begs that unanswerable but
persistently nagging question, "If they had a tube filter would it still
suck a bit?!" Thus it is FAIL-SAFE in its primary mission to subtlety
disappoint every know-it-all and his ecstasy-gobbling cousin while ensuring
perpetual and moderately entertaining FLAME WARS for those too cheap to
experience this self-admittedly "a brick short" marvel for themselves!!
Nowhere but at Synth-Tech Labs is anyone still so dedicated to the cause of
achieving the perfect blend of expectation and slight but inevitable
letdown--to the endless joy of golden-eared critics."--The St. Dr. Oscar,
from the preamble to his forthcoming "MOTM Declaration of Sonic
Hypo-Mediocrity" (secretly writing in exchange for the broken sump pump
from Mr. Schreiber's basement)

>Wow...  now THATs "full disclosure" from a manufacturer ain't it....

He should run for President! But WHO will be his running mate??

>Gee Paul you're too rough on yourself. MOTM sounds better than my PAiA 2720
>did...    :^P

Damn Straight! What Paul needs to do next is come up with a module that
specifically sounds like a cheap guitar pedal hooked up backwards, just
like that time my friend accidently did that with one. Not forwards,
BACKWARDS. I forget exactly which pedal it was, but I'm sure Paul knows
which of the hundreds of old guitar pedals it was and can reverse-engineer
it, have a sceance with the deceased Japanese engineer for secret design
details, get the obsolete Peruvian disc cap that makes it misbehave
properly, and market it as a kit for the unnerving price of $19.95. I'm
sure it will be used on every hit single for the next six months.

I don't actually have the cash to BUY the finished module right now but
Paul should go ahead and get started anyway. While he's at it he should
anticipate every other module/feature I could ever possibly want as well,
since there's a finite chance that I'll win the lottery and be able to buy
the ASSEMBLED version from him someday as well as come to my house every
single day and show me how to use it. I don't feel that's being too
unreasonable--after all I'm not asking for yet another X0X clone...


Terry Bowman, KA4HJH
Who owns one MOTM module, minus most of the parts and the front panel etc.,
and who will be soon selling it on ebay as it has been discontinued and is
now a valuable collector's item

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