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harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Wed Aug 7 06:14:37 CEST 2002

Hi Steve....

If I were making many boards, I'd go with professional made etched boards.

For one-offs I use Vector board (.1" grid, NO copper) and the T42-A push
in terminals. The layout technique is very similar to a single sided board... but
you can cross traces if you insulate one.

The result is very rugged and worthy of the road.

BTW if you cannot design a good layout on Vectorboard... you probably cannot
design on a PCB either. The exact same skills are required, so learm one and you
learn both.

I learned Vectorboard layout from my father. As a child I was 'bugging' him so he
gave me a piece of vectorboard to amuse myself. I 'built' something (random) and
asked what he thought of it. He thought "That looks like SHIT kid...   If you're gonna
do it you might as well learn how...." and then gave me a two minute lesson in how
to plan the efficient use of the pins and wires from a schematic.  Now I sell that skill

Steve Begin wrote:

> I've got a couple more questions :)
> First, I'm having trouble finding a schematic for either a 15 volt bipolar power supply, and/or a +5 volt, does anybody know of a good design they could point me towards?
> My other question is; when you are finished a design and are putting it on a pcb, do you use vero, etching, or photo-etching? (sorry if those aren't the proper names).
> I made a circuit a long time ago from an old magazine, I used a permanent marker on copper and then etched it, but I don't have a steady hand and it was sloppy, some parts were thin, some were thick, etc.  The etching where you use light sensitive chemicals seems to be way too much work but maybe it's easier than it sounds.  I've also seen rub-on decals which I'm guessing are used instead of a marker.
> Vero board looks like it could get sloppy in inexperienced hands.
> So I'm just wondering, is this a matter of preference, or is there really only one good way to do it?
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