[sdiy] Re: [AH] Ungrateful users?

harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Wed Aug 7 05:43:01 CEST 2002

News Flash....

Paul Schreiber says MOTM doesn't sound as good as "every synth ever made"...

Wow...  now THATs "full disclosure" from a manufacturer ain't it....

Gee Paul you're too rough on yourself. MOTM sounds better than my PAiA 2720
did...    :^P

H^) harry  (going to HIDE now....  ;^)

> on 8/6/02 9:31 AM, Paul Schreiber at synth1 at airmail.net wrote:
> > 5) MOTM doesn't sound as good as (...fill in every synth ever made...)
> That was hysterical.  Paul, you're a good guy.
> Your stuff is very reasonbly priced I think...they're cwazy.  But could ya
> lose those 1/4 jacks?
> but seriously, folks...
> Regarding why things must conform to personal tastes:  This will always be.
> People who learned on Moog want Moogs, People who learned on Buchla want
> Buchlas.  Hell...someday people will be thrashing out at some yet-to-surface
> synth builder reaming him why his or her wares don't behave like a MOTM!
> You can't be everything to all people and neither can your equipment (file
> under:  which is mo' fatter).  The good thing is, buyers of modular gear
> today have more choices now than they ever did in the pre-midi days and i
> think that's terrific!

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