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Tue Aug 6 22:00:04 CEST 2002

Aluminum panels might not be expensive as you think. 
www.radioshack.com has 24"x48"x0.06" aluminum on sale 
for $13.95 each! (I think they might be selling out 
their stock, but I bought three which is big enough to 
build one heck of a modular or two). 
.06" is about 1/16". I've found it to be suitable for 
individual panels. You have to cut it yourself, though. 
I print my artwork on the full sheet self adhesive 
labels (black on white, you could do color with an 
inkjet) and cover them with clear contact paper. The 
results are acceptable, but would not be mistaken for 
> I'm sure it's been discussed before, but I didn't really find 
> anything in depth in the archives, just it being put down for 
> durability...
> I've never actually used a modular in my life, but I am building 
> one. I decided that using aluminum panels is WAY too expensive for 
> me, and since unmolded plastic is probably pretty unexpensive and 
> easy to drill using tools I already have at my disposal I wanted 
> to look into using sheet plastic (i guess that's what it would be 
> called?) for panels. I really don't care about how strong it is, I 
> just want to use it. I just wanted to know if anyone has 
> experience in using this and could tell me a good place to get 
> this (preferably already cut into 6"x8"(+-2" either way) so that I 
> don't have to worry about unusual shipping) and how thick would be 
> best, although that probably depends on what kind of plastic it 
> is. Thanks for reading!
> -Drew 
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