Odp: [sdiy] Two more questions

Roman modular at go2.pl
Tue Aug 6 20:14:55 CEST 2002

Yeah, this thing can kill you!
At my firts job I was supposed to cut small PCBs
to fit into metal frames
(cheaply designed CATV equipment). The only way to
do this was with
table top circular saw. It made so much noise it'd
wake up a dead guy,
but that's not the worst part. Once I was doing
only that for whole day.
I haven't slept that night at all, caughing.
Surprisingly, and fortunately,
I haven't found any blood stains on the pillow in
the morning.

After that I had only one stupidity period, when I
made front panel
for quadVCO and ADDSR out of 3mm glass-epoxy.

The best way I found to cut this shit is to scrab
it several times
with a file and ruller, kinda like cutting glass,
and then break it.


> BTW: The hardest part, I have found, is cutting
down the board before or
> after you get the traces pressed and peeled,
short of buying a "PCB
> breaking machine" (don't know the right term)
which I cannot afford.  For
> this, I have scored the board top and bottom
with a box cutter and broken
> it in a vice.  Anything involving sawing or
cutting PCB's produces
> horrible, choking, toxic fumes and dust, so I'd
avoid it if possible.

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