[sdiy] Plastic Panels...

Michael Buchstaller buchi at takeonetech.de
Tue Aug 6 19:44:10 CEST 2002

>I decided that using aluminum panels is WAY too expensive for 
>me, and since unmolded plastic is probably pretty unexpensive

Strange. At least in most hobbyist shops here in germany i have to pay
more money for plastic sheets than for aluminium sheets (of same size
and thickness, of course)

>easy to drill using tools I already have at my disposal

Aluminium is very easy to work with. If one has the tools to work with
plastic (drill, file...), one can cut aluminium, too.

>I wanted 
>to look into using sheet plastic (i guess that's what it would be 
>called?) for panels. I really don't care about how strong it is, I 
>just want to use it. I just wanted to know if anyone has 
>experience in using this

Some time ago i made a plastic panel at my workbench to hold 3 power
outlet sockets, with a fuse, lamp and swith on each one to be able to test
gear on the bench without everytimes being in the dark when the workshop
fuse blows.
Works well, but it has discolored to an ugly brown only 3 months later at the
area aout the lamps (and that are small 5W signal bulbs which do not get
very hot). Now i wish i had made that panel from metal, or at least plywood...

Also, depending on the type of plastic, you need cooling for the drilling bits or
saw, to prevent the plastic from melting. With aluminium, i simply add alcohol and
everything is fine.

-Michael Buchstaller

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