[sdiy] Ungrateful users?

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Tue Aug 6 17:31:55 CEST 2002

> i have often wondered why this is. why are so few people interested in these
> 'new' things? is it their limited application? do people not have the
> theoretic background or creativity to find a musical way of implementing
> these modules? do they only want to recreate 'vintage' machines which didn't
> have them?

Here are just some "thinking-out-loud" reasons *I* get all the time:

1) I don't like 5U tall modules

2) I don't like 1/4" jacks

3) You cost too much.

4) I don't like *you* personally.

5) MOTM doesn't sound as good as (...fill in every synth ever made...)

Well, gee. It turns out all these "open-minded" modular users are, IMHO, some of the MOST
close-minded people I have had the "pleasure" of dealing with. They will spout reams and reams of
emails on the glory of this over that, the wonder of this thing over that thing, but they seem to
be focused on 1 brand of synth that either:

a) comes up for sale once a year, creating 47 posts about how much the seller is asking
b) is their favorite, and hence feel EVERY manufacturer MUST conform to their PERSONAL taste or
"we just don't get it".

No wonder Reason et al sells so much! Stick 11 programmers in a room, feed 'em beer and Cheetos
and sell 85 cent CDs and hope the 20% you sell make up for the 80% cracked ones being used.

Paul S.

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