Odp: [sdiy] inversion, CMOS, etc.

media.nai at rcn.com media.nai at rcn.com
Tue Aug 6 17:07:07 CEST 2002

>What I'd like to do is combine the HW rectifier with the passive summer

The problem with using a rectifier is the diode drop (typically .6V)

>Something like this:
>/\__/\__/\__/\__/\   pot turned all the way down, +5V peak
>/\  /\  /\  /\  /\
>__\/__\/__\/__\/__\  pot turned all the way up, +10V
>i'd like to make this function voltage controllable also, by adding another
>summer between the signal and the input from an LFO or other LF voltage

You might want to check out the MOTM-320 to pedal converter at
wiseguysynth.com.  It turns a bipolar LFO into a single-sided LFO.

If you want to make the amount of offset "voltage controlable", then what
you want is a DC mixer with reversing attenuators.  Check out the Oakley
Multimix2.  There are plans for a Multimix3, but I don't know if it is out

If you want to make the amount of LFO voltage controlable, you can do this
by combining a mixer with a VCA.

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