[sdiy] More ground questions

Scott Stites scottnoanh at peoplepc.com
Tue Aug 6 05:41:04 CEST 2002

Thank you all for the thoughts and discussion, on-list
and off, on grounding techniques and pitfalls.  I feel
better armed now to go ahead and design the cabinet,
and a better understanding of what to do if I run afoul
of noise in the system.

*Obviously it appears that a lot of problems can be
headed off in the module design itself.  

*A star ground ground looks to be a good

*Ground is best if all points meet at the 'ocean'
(coupling caps in the power supply).

*Shielded cables for audio and CV signals must be
considered in the design.

*'Dirty' and 'clean' power supplies can be used for
'dirty' and 'clean' signals with 'dirty' and 'clean'
grounds for the respective power supplies (sounds
especially helpful if a number of LED's will be used).

*Isolation of connectors on module panels through the
use of non-conducting shoulder washers is something
that can be tried as well.

I appreciate the information greatly. This list rocks!

Scott Stites

Ken Stone wrote:

> >...if the rest of the design and grounding is done
> correctly as well.
> >In most cases the builder will blow the concept
> somewhere and get no
> >benefit.
> Often as soon as a patch cord is plugged in between a
> clean and noisy
> module, you've blown it anyway. :)
> I think a good way to separate LEDs from ground is to
> run them between + and
> - rails - on separate "noisy" power rails.
Ground can
> stay shared that way.
> Ken
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