[sdiy] Credit Card fraud - BEWARE!!!!!!

sbernardi at attbi.com sbernardi at attbi.com
Mon Aug 5 22:12:14 CEST 2002

A similar thing happened to me.  Someone got hold of the 
numbers on my wife's B of A debit card, and opened a 
PayPal account linked to it, then sent about $1000 worth 
of payments to another account. We know it happened from 
a local merchant because they also had the extra 3 
digits that are on the physical card only.
PayPal reimbursed us, and we cancelled the Debit card 
and "downgraded" it to an ATM card. 
> Fellow DIYer and lovers of all things analog,
> I recently became the unfortunate victim of ATM/VISA card fraud in which
> somebody got my card number duing a so-called secure card transaction on the
> internet and quickly depleted my checking account of over $3,400.
> I was made aware of this by a call from B of A's freud department.  While
> they originally told me that it would all be taken care of (including
> reimbursement of my loss) within 72 hours and advised me NOT to close the
> account before all the hits had made it, they are now telling me not to
> expect a refund until September.
> In the meanwhile, I had not yet paid my rent, or my car payment, nor my
> utilities.  
> When I received that call, while they knew thay transactions had happened,
> they had no idea what the amounts were and at the time, I could have closed
> my account and still had the $3400.  But unfortunately, I did as they
> advised  and now it's gone.
> Further to this,  of the 46 transactions this thief made, only 31 of them
> have hit my record, with 15 still pending.  Because it was an ATM
> transaction, they cannot stop these from hitting my account.  Unfortunate in
> that the ones that have made it range from $150 to $50 each, so I can expect
> up another $2000 to vanish (not such a big deal, in that I'm already at a
> $700 negative balance).
> The problem is, B of A will not allow me to open a new account until this
> overdraft has been paid. which could be in the $2700 range before this is
> over and done with. Even more unfortunate, I am on automatic deposit at
> work, so they are going to recieve a good part of this by this evening and
> it's too late to stop it.
> Be careful out there - don't believe everything you read (especially the
> words 'secure server').
> best,
> Peter Grenader

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