[sdiy] OT, but Interesting: you can buy credit cards on www.carder.org

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Mon Aug 5 10:31:41 CEST 2002

On the point of "secure server", it's important to note that what is
secure is the _connection_ and only the connection.

I worked as a contractor for a large corporation that has a networked
electronic point of sale system.  Although your credit card electronic
transaction is quite secure, the data is not once it lands where it
lands.  I worked in a position (as did many people) where I had 
unencumbered access to the data files which contained literally thousands 
of credit card transactions, completely unencrypted, all with enough
information to create viable new transactions.  If I were unscrupulous, 
I could have easily defrauded their customers of thousands of dollars.  
This using a tool the likes of Windows notepad. 

The connection is secure, the people involved may not be.  Deal with those
you trust.  It's easy to be nefarious behind an internet "business".

The Proteus <proteus at ugwarehouse.org> wrote:
Speaking of CC fraud, I just got this spam in my inbox. Fun
>stuff... it's no longer low-brow white collar crime, but it's its own
>industry now.
>Sickening, eh?
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>Subject: you can buy credit cards on www.carder.org
>This is the best resource where you can find out how to steal a credit cards 
>from American jerks. Also you can purchase the cc's on our site. We sell 
>American credit cards as well as European ones. We sell dumps of American 
>credit cards. While using them you can be absolutely sure in positive results. 
>We sell fake id's, US/UK/French passports, driver license and so on. We 
>sell American citizents' SSN data which can be used to open an on-line banking 
>account. We sell e-bay accounts. Drug-dealers you can count on, fake Euro and 
>dollars at any time,brown suger, coke.... Any illegal thing that you ever wanted is 
>on our site. We pay money all hosting companies and that's why no one would 
>close it. Visit us and you will be satisfied.

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