[sdiy] PAIA CEM3310 ADSR

greg montalbano greg.montalbano at ucop.edu
Mon Aug 5 18:12:22 CEST 2002

The edge connector pads were the standard for the EK-x boards;  if you 
don't want to deal with finding a suitable connector, it's perfectly ok to 
just solder leads directly to these pads.
As for how to wire it up -- do you need the documentation?  I still have 
the originals lying around somewhere;  can scan them for you if you like
(meanwhile, you can get a lot  of info from the 3310 data sheet at the 
SynthTech site:


At 04:31 PM 8/4/02 -0400, you wrote:
>     Can someone please shed some light on how I would go about wiring up an
>old PAIA CEM3310 ADSR? Its the EKx-10 model. The PCB has edge connector pads
>and I've never encountered this before so I'm really at a loss. I'm not
>looking to have voltage control over each parameter, I would just like to
>have a pot for each ADSR plus the typical in and out jacks.
>                 Thanks,
>                 John

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