[sdiy] Useful equipment

Peter Grenader petergrenader at mksound.com
Sun Aug 4 02:19:42 CEST 2002

I paid $40 for my eBay Freq Counter! - an HP 5381A.  Works great (kind of).

'Kind of' explained:

The unit works just fine, although its digits don't yeild the accuracy you
might need for the audio range, as most counters are designed to give you
readings well into the MHz range. So when dealing with audio frequencies you
might not be getting the display resolution you might require.  Sub-audio
readings are even worse for the very same reason.

But I agree with Paul here:  I feel its best to calibrate a 1V/oct input not
be scope, counter to DVM, but by ear.  You'll know when two osc's 1V/oct
inputs are tracking just as soon as you tune them to unison and play at
about 2 octaves past middle C!   I wouldn't fuss at all if they aren't
truly giving you an octave shift with each volt, as long as they give you an
octave shift for each octave played.

Could not this variation be due to component tolarances anyway?

on 8/3/02 9:46 AM, Paul Schreiber at synth1 at airmail.net wrote:

> You guy's are doing it "backwards". You can get a cheap freq counter for $100
> on eBay. As long as
> the VCO frequency is correct, the 0.000001V on the DVM doesn't matter. My
> Kenton Pro-2000 is
> about 5% off from my Encore Expressionist MIDI-to-CV, but who cares? :)
> Paul S.

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