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J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at iquest.net
Sat Aug 3 17:21:04 CEST 2002

Another method involves a commonly available rubber "O" ring.  This was not
my original idea, but passed along to me by another DIYer.  The O-ring sits
inside the hole as opposed to how most shoulder washers work.   It this
example it was used in a 3/8 inch hole for a pot with a smaller busing
diameter.  But, this same O-ring should be just about perfect for bananas
too.  I picked it up at Lowes.  I am sure Home Depot and such carry similar.
I have long since lost the number.  But, it was in the plumbing department
in a bin that had drawers of assorted washers.
Here's a link to the photo:
Larry Hendry

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> Does anyone know of any good banana jacks available, that will fit in the
> holes of my front panels sized for 1/4" switchcraft jacks?

Look for a thing called a "shoulder washer". They are made of nylon and can
be used to mount smaller things in bigger holes. They come in many different

They were standard for mounting 1/4" switches in the 5/16" holes of the
Serge 76 series.

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