[sdiy] Found a strange Looking Synth up for Auction on Ebay ?

Scott Bernardi sbernardi at attbi.com
Sat Aug 3 06:35:48 CEST 2002

That's a PAIA 2700 series synth.  Not a prototype, but built from kits.
I think PAIA still has some info about the modules on their site.

Phillip Swanson wrote:

> Hey All Besides playing synths I'm also a collector, I was looking
> through the keyboard section on ebay and stumbled onto this it is item
> 897345685 the title of the auction says Vintage 70's Synth SwitchBoard
> Type in the description the sellers can't tell if it is a homebuilt
> prototype or not ?  I thought about bidding but all ready reach my
> limit for the month ? thought maybe on of you might want to check it
> out, just click on search when you are on ebay and go to search by
> item number and type in 897345685 to check it out ?  Phil

Scott Bernardi
sbernardi at attbi.com

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