[sdiy] Re: Hertz Wars !

Tom May tom at tommay.net
Sat Aug 3 03:07:35 CEST 2002

Gene Stopp <gene at ixiacom.com> writes:

> Very nice thinking but... (funny how there's a critic in every crowd!) once
> long ago when I was single and some friends were over and we'd all had a few
> too many I left one friend alone in the music room messing around with my
> big homebuilt for a while. I was in another part of the house and I heard
> these god-awful monsterous sonic emanations coming from the music room and I
> ran in and stood there and yelled "what the hell are you doing?" and looked
> at the patch on the modular. He had inputs going to inputs and outputs going
> to outputs and not a single patchcord left on the floor. I tried to follow
> the patchcords to see what was going on and I could not because it was
> threatening to lock up my brain... the point is that he had no concept of
> which signal route did what, or which knob setting did what, and the result
> was some pretty amazing noises. I wish I could reproduce it, or even think
> of a way to approach the method that he used. I guess the point is that he
> had no method. Could it have happened if outputs were on one kind of jack
> and inputs were on another? I do not know. Now it is my turn to have my zen
> moment:
> to reach the highest art
> one should not think
> the distinction between right and wrong signal paths
> will only keep you to what is already heard

When a tree falls alone in the forest, it makes a sound like two
outputs connected by 1/4" plugs.


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