[sdiy] Useful equipment

mark verbos a0284520 at addcom.de
Fri Aug 2 23:38:49 CEST 2002

for the record, I bought one of those used on German ebay for 40 Deutche 
Marks ($20) with 4 tips and an extra hand-piece (or whatever it's 
called). Just had to brag about that a little. It works well too.


patchell wrote:

>    As far as temp controlled irons go, I use the Weller WTCPN iron.  The temperature is set by the tip (no knobs).  I am not too sure if getting one of these
>used is a good idea.  It is expensive to repair them if they don't work.  Probably one of the newer electronic models (the ones with a knob) might be a better
>choice.  Hopefully, there will be other opinions about this...

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