[sdiy] Useful equipment

KA4HJH ka4hjh at gte.net
Fri Aug 2 23:21:36 CEST 2002

>A LOT depends on your skill with the soldering iron. I believe that
>a good HOT iron and a short soldering time is better than a cooler
>tip and a LONG soldering time. Most old-timers (myself, Bob Pease,
>and probably Larry Hendry :^) would agree. (gotcha again Larry...)

I've been using a Weller WTCP for 20 years. 700 degree tip. It's always
hot, but not too hot. That's the trick. The only time I ever use a heatsink
is to tin the shield on miniature coax.

Terry Bowman, KA4HJH
"The Mac Doctor"

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