Odp: [sdiy] Useful equipment

Roman modular at go2.pl
Fri Aug 2 22:24:39 CEST 2002

Man! That's more than I collected over 15 years.
Well, kinda.

> Scope:
> Tektronix 2225 Dual channel, 50 MHz

buy used scope, 5MHz will be enough for synth diy.
Chepest new
Tek start at 1000$, used can go as low as 50$.
And yes, you need a scope.

> Func. Gen.
> Krohn-Hite 1400 sine, triangle, square, logic
level; sweep; tp 3MHz

Don't know the unit, but is probably costly
anyway. For starters you can
make function generator out of ICL8038 (?) or
MAX308 chips.
And I'm sure there must be a kit in electronic
shop near you thet does
that. Or buy a used one.
This is not essential purchase, after all you want
to make synths,
which evolved from function generators, so when
you make first VCO
it will be probably better than any function
generator under 500$

> Beckman DM25L 3 1/2 Digit
> Simpson 260-8P multimeter with overload
protection (essential!)

this one I don't understand. Why 2 multimeters?
One is enough for
anyone (like 640kB of RAM, but I digres). Get a
decent one.
Don't be cheap on that. I guess 150-200$ should be
Go to meter dealer and search the specs. I don't
know what brands
are popular where you live, but I'd go for Metex
or Appa.

> Power Supply
> B&K Precision 1630 0-30v, 3A linear

Name "precision" equals "high price". For simple
DIYing you don't
need precision power supply. Those can cost
500-2000$. But you
really need one with bipolar output. I suggest
getting a used one.
Making your own is pain in the @ss and may be
And yes, this is essential purchase

> Breadboard (Powered)
> Global Specialties PB503 3 supplies (+5V,
+/-15V), function generator including logic level;
debounced switches, 8 LED indicators

that is luxury. I made my own just a year or two
ago. If you can get
one cheap, buy it, it clears most of the mess from
desk while prototyping.
But it's not so important

> Breadboards, not powered
> Global PB-105 set of six strips, mounted
> Global UBS-100 single strip (beware of cheap

get at least one. I have only one, and it's
enough. When a circuit
is so big that it can't fit on a breadboard, it
will be too messy to
work with anyway. Prototyping is much easier with
it. You really
want one

> Logic Probe
> OK PRB50 O,K IndustriesL 50 ns glitch
> or HP545A

say what? If you're expecting to work with
multi-chip digital
circuitry, then it's usable. Frankly, I haven't
feel the need for
it for over 10 years. I'd rather prefer scope and

> Resistor Substitution Box RD111 (contact easy)
1ohm to 11Mohm in 1ohm steps; +/- 1%
> or ohmite ohm-ranger 3420.

Last time used it was at school. If you need to
determine resistance
value, use potentiometer. I don't think you will
use it after you finish
reading The Book.

> Capacitor Substitution Box
> Ohmite 3430A Cap-Ranger
> 100pF to 11.111 uF in 100pF steps; +/- 2%

same as above

> Resistor Kit
> Ohmite CAB-54 "little devil" 1/4 watt carbon
composition; 10ohm to 10Mohm

you will never need more than 20% of all values in
lifetime. Again, if you find
it cheap, get one. Otherwise review a bunch of
synth schematics and get 100
of each value (metal film). That will be much

> also it says
> (your choice)
> a frequency counter: occasionally very helpful.

Multimeter at the price range I stated earlier,
also measures frequency.
Although it's not so precise as standalone unit,
it's enough for most cases

hope that helps


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