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Peter Grenader pgrenader at mksound.com
Fri Aug 2 14:16:04 CEST 2002

You do not need this function generator.  Please remit it to me immediately
and I will see that it gets a good home ;)

on 8/2/02 11:36 AM, Steve Begin at Steve.Begin at pwgsc.gc.ca wrote:

> Sorry, I feel like I'm abusing a good service by coming on to this list and
> asking all sorts of beginner questions when I have nothing to offer in return,
> but I am genuinely interested and have yet to find any sort of mentor and I
> hope you guys understand.
> My question this time is about equipment, for the art of electronics there is
> a fairly large list of equipment they use in the course.
> I'm a visual learner, so it would be nice to be able to try out the things
> they explain in the book for myself, and I'm willing to invest in equipment
> but some of it seems like it may be obsolete or better substituted with a
> newer equivalent, or will only be used once or twice and then I'll never need
> it again.  At the bottom of this email is most of the list of what they
> recommend in the book.
> I'd really appreciate it if somebody could go over the list and tell me which
> things I need, which I don't, and which have cheaper or more readily available
> equivalents that I could substitute.
> Scope:
> Tektronix 2225 Dual channel, 50 MHz
> Func. Gen.
> Krohn-Hite 1400 sine, triangle, square, logic level; sweep; tp 3MHz
> Beckman DM25L 3 1/2 Digit
> Simpson 260-8P multimeter with overload protection (essential!)
> Power Supply
> B&K Precision 1630 0-30v, 3A linear
> Breadboard (Powered)
> Global Specialties PB503 3 supplies (+5V, +/-15V), function generator
> including logic level; debounced switches, 8 LED indicators
> Breadboards, not powered
> Global PB-105 set of six strips, mounted
> Global UBS-100 single strip (beware of cheap imitations.)
> Logic Probe
> OK PRB50 O,K IndustriesL 50 ns glitch
> or HP545A
> Resistor Substitution Box RD111 (contact easy) 1ohm to 11Mohm in 1ohm steps;
> +/- 1%
> or ohmite ohm-ranger 3420.
> Capacitor Substitution Box
> Ohmite 3430A Cap-Ranger
> 100pF to 11.111 uF in 100pF steps; +/- 2% accuracy.
> Resistor Kit
> Ohmite CAB-54 "little devil" 1/4 watt carbon composition; 10ohm to 10Mohm
> also it says
> (your choice)
> a frequency counter: occasionally very helpful.
> Thanks in advance,
>> Steve Begin

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