[sdiy] InfectionInstruments : Newsletter Number 004 02-Aug-02

David Hughes dhughes at globalnet.co.uk
Fri Aug 2 12:32:15 CEST 2002


Lots of good news this week.

Firstly, I'm delighted to report that work on Zeit and other related products
continues at an impressive pace.  As I mentioned last time, we said we might
have something more impressive to show you than a couple of grainy video snaps.

For this edition of the newsletter, I've uploaded a couple of MP3 files so that
you can hear how the work on the sequencer is progressing. The first sample
(Sequence1.mp3) demonstrates an eight note sequence played on a Roland D50
with a simple triangular LFO waveform routed to the MIDI velocity. The second
sample (sequence2.mp3) is the same sequence (and LFO) played on a Modulus
Monowave with a nice, squelchy filtered-bass patch with loads of resonance. The
third sample (sequence3.mp3) is another Monowave sequence with a rising sawtooth
waveform on the MIDI velocity. There has been no post-processing on these
samples other than a bit of normalisation in Bias Peak.

I'm also pleased to report that membership of the discussion group has contiuned
to grow and now extends to more than 40 people. Everyone at InfectionMusic would
like to extend a warm welcome from to all of the newcomers. I'm equally pleased
to announce that orders for the Zeit Sequencer continue to arrive at an
impressive rate and the waiting list is now very healthy.

That's all for now!

Remember, if you have any thoughts, comments, ideas or suggestions then please
drop us a line.

Best wishes to all,
   David J. Hughes

Infection Music

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