[sdiy] Re: Hertz Wars !

John L Marshall john.l.marshall at gte.net
Fri Aug 2 03:11:32 CEST 2002

Most condensers are designed to take 48 volts of phantom power. I don't
remember if U-87 has its own power supply box.

I converted a U-47 to FET and found out that the stubby metal tube has a
second purpose: keeps the mike just warm enough so that voice breath doesn't
short out the mike element.

Take care,
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> And you know where this is all headed...
> a cry of despair / grief from some newbie who
> laments plugging his Dad's Neumann U87 (newbies
> don't HAVE U-87s)...
> ... into his VCO output and frying the mic.
> (disclaimer - I don't really KNOW if this
> will fry the mic... but it might... ;^)
> There are good reasons we don't plug anything into
> anything... its dangerous in most cases. Unless the
> designer was very careful to make the design
> "FOOLPROOF" (know why they call it FOOL proof ???)
> you can easily destroy things.  Your cool sound isn't
> worth trashing your ARP 2600....
> That's why routing from outputs to inputs really is the
> best plan, even if it stifles creativity a bit...
> H^) harry
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> >>> the distinction between right and wrong signal paths
> >>> will only keep you to what is already heard
> >>>
> >>Wasn't one of the sounds on Floyd's "Echos" the result
> >>of plugging a cable between the input of a wah wah pedal
> >>and the input of an amp?
> >Something like that--all I remember is that they hooked it up "wrong".
> >the wailing sound in the spacey part.
> >>I seem to remember finding this accidentally ages ago.
> >>As you move the pedal you get a howling feedback type
> >>sound. I could be wrong, I'll have to try it when I get
> >>home.
> >A friend of mine got some interesting sounds by hooking a cheap
> >pedal up backwards.
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