[sdiy] More ground questions

Scott Stites scottnoanh at peoplepc.com
Thu Aug 1 18:23:05 CEST 2002

Hi all,

Harry Bissell wrote:
“One random, haphazard ground that daisy-chains
everywhere without any forethought 
is probably the worst case.... ;^P “

Been there, done that (all on breadboard, luckily – the
synth is still in the embryonic stage).

If you are implementing a clean ground/dirty ground
system, would one use four pin connector cables
radiating out from the power supply to each module in
parallel, with two pins carrying the +/- voltage and
two pins carrying ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ grounds?  And, if
so, is my assumption correct in that these two grounds
would only connect together at one spot on the power
supply distribution board? 

Also, I have a book called "Build a Better Synthesizer"
by Thomas Henry in which he recommends that shielded
cable be used for module-front panel interconnection
and that only one end of the shield be grounded at the
module itself.  I’m wondering, is this standard
practice in the Synth DIY world?

Any help, comments much appreciated!

Scott Stites

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