[sdiy] Osc bank

Peter Grenader petergrenader at mksound.com
Thu Aug 1 16:20:54 CEST 2002

Hi guys,

Latest project:

(don't laugh).  I happened by my local electronics shack the other day in
search of TL072's, which I found and stumbled upon a kit of an audio range
function generator for a whopping 8 bucks.  Very simple circuit:  One
frequency pot, square, triangle and filtered sine waveforms.  bought four of

Built one.

Not bad, not bad...definately not the answer to the world's problems at 8
bucks a pop.  Within about an half hour, I had rigged up a frequency VC
control and foound where to fabricate a saw output.  Then I got an idea:

I'm goingt o biuld all four of these within a separate module.  They are all
going to have their own frequency pot, but they are going to share a VC Freq
input.  Each will have outputs for all four of the waveshapes and four mix
outs for the 4 sines, 4 squares, 4 tri's and 4 saws.

I think it'llcome in useful when I want clusters and I can slap it into a 3
inch wide, 3 RU high space.  Each one of the function generator boards are
about 1 x 1 inch!  I'm not going to worry about 1v/oct, i'm not going to
worry about stability, I'm not going to worry about the absolute beauty of
the waveforms - it's just going to be four voices that can be used when
non-critical tracking is required.  I'll call it a Osc Bank of Uncertainty
or something.

tell me if I am nuts,


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