[sdiy] Desinging Software Synthesizers ?

Kristian Borgstedt kristian at borgstedt.com
Thu Aug 1 13:18:23 CEST 2002

When it comes to DSP and software synths, I find this project quite intresting, as it still is a bit hardware SDIY: http://www.gweep.net/~shifty/death/
It is a DSP synth/effects box, that can be controlled either by a PalmIII or via midi... Here people sit around programming effects and synth algorithms in Assembler... kind of hardcore :)

I have bought myself a DSP2181 Eval kit, but haven't gotten around to modify it to be able to run these programs yet... Check out the site though... loads of fun and strange stuff :)


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  Hi all

  I just recently joined this list, this is definately an awesome group, I also just started getting hooked on wanting to design and build my own synth ? 
    I know most of you are probably into designing hardware based synths are there any of you out there who are doing any software based synths ? 
    I was just wondering
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