[sdiy] Antistatic Solution?

Rob B cyborgzero at home.com
Mon Dec 31 01:04:07 CET 2001


I was wondering why lately my house has been quite a bit more static-free
than usual.. I bought an air ionizer to help kill the smell of solder fumes
in my workroom and got a bulk discount so I bought one for every room in the
house and there is very little static anywhere...

A wonderful side effect of having an ionizer! ;) I actually thought about
bringing one to work with me, since I get lit up quite a bit... :(

BTW, it seems very DIY-able to *make* an air ionizer. One could prlly hijack
a TV to do it.. It seems they work sort of like a TV, with a needle to
generate electrons, and a set of horizontal plates to accelerate the ions
from the needle past the plates and out into the air.. Sort of like a TV
with no vacuum tube.


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