[sdiy] uC with mul

John Loffink jloffink at austin.rr.com
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The multiply cycle on the 68HC16 is 8 cycles.  Other micros do have the
multiply instruction, usually multi cycle instructions.  These might be
good enough depending on your application, particularly for low
frequency stuff like note generation, envelopes, LFOs, control sources,
etc., but for anything related to analog synthesis it's generally better
to have 12-16 bits of resolution to avoid stair-stepping.

John Loffink
jloffink at austin.rr.com 

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>Motorola M68HC16 microcontroller series has a 16 bit

The "little brother" 68HC11 could also do 8*8 multiply, and (IIRC) 16/8
division.  They were both kinda slow.  I think a multiply took 12
and the divide something amazing like 42.

Byron Jacquot

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