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Paul Maddox Paul.Maddox at wavesynth.com
Sun Dec 30 00:04:37 CET 2001


> Just wanted to drop a note. The Wiard Waveform City, Blacet Mini-Wave and
> Doepfer A-112 Sampler all use the same binary file format. So these files
> can be used by all three devices, hopefully making for a larger interest
> the wavetables.

And My monowave too,
indeed the first 16 waveforms I created with Grants little windows program!

> > * Any combination that yields fo in less than 256 Bytes isn't making
> > use of the wavetable. If the pattern is complete in 128 Bytes and then
> > repeated in another 128 Bytes it will sound an octave higher but not the
> > most efficient use of the wavetable.
> It does have a particular sound to it. If you consider the number of bytes
> in the waveforms as establishing the sampling rate, a 128 byte waveform
> half the sampling rate of a 256 byte waveform. This mean the the wavefrom
> can not be transposed as far before aliasing tones appear as part of the
> signal. As it happens, these aliasing tones have a signature sound and
> resampling PPG or Prophet VS waveforms to 256 bytes eliminates part of
> character.

Indeed and a very characteristic sound..
What I did i the monowave was add a 'de-res' function, this drops it from
256bytes to 64bytes..
simply by masking the lowest two bits of the address Bus, This 'Brightens'
the sound no end, and makes for whole new bunch of timbre's to start with..
It only takes two AND gates to do, and should be something that could easily
be retro fitted to any of these modules (Wavecity, Mini-wave and probably

> Complete cycles which do not use the entire length or amplitude of the
> wavetable, can still be useful. Waveforms which complete in less than 256
> byes can form formants like the VOSIM method, or inharmonic partials.

VOSIM is something I REALLY want to play with at some point, perhaps even do
a module for my modular..

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