[sdiy] Daft Idea, LINUX SYNTH

Jim Patchell patchell at silcom.com
Fri Dec 28 22:00:23 CET 2001

   An admirable goal, but I see problems....

   1. In general, most of the circuits that are circulating around out 
there can be called just about anything except orignal.  Those that do 
have patents on them have long since expired, so they are in the public 
domain.  Even so, similar subjects as to who might own what has been 
discussed here before.  I for one would have no problem with this, but I 
am sure we are for the most part aware of various squabbles that have 
errupted in the past (and I think we know exactly whom I am refering to, 
weather it is justified or not).

   2.  I am under the impression that there are about 600 members, give 
or take, to the list, and would be willing to bet there are 600 ways to 
build a modular.

   3.  The software (code) part, at least, is pretty easy.  If fact, 
that is probably the reason why Linux is a success.  The one problem I 
see however is that a processor will need to be chosen for the code to 
run on.  Because of the differences between processors, and the level at 
which the code must be written, it is going to be very difficult to make 
the code both portable and efficient on all processors.  And, I would 
imagine that there will be 600 different choices of which micro would be 
the best to use.

   Now that I have gotten that out of my system...another posible idea 
is maybe not so much of a working system as a collection (archive) of 
contributions from list members that is all in one place for anybody to 
use.  This would not nessesarily solve problem #1, but would for the 
most part solve 2 and 3.  It would be up to anyone who made use of any 
circuits or code to make sure that they conformed to whatever 
requirements the individual might have....

   Just my thoughts......but you know me....


Paul Maddox wrote:

> Dear all,
>   Ok, first, this isnt about softsynths of Linux...
>   On another list Im subscribed too (Hi Rainer), the idea of an 'open synth'
> has cropped up..
> The idea being that ALL code and schematics is shared, anyone can work on
> it, add to it and so on...
> The concept is to try and keep it flexible (so you can mix and match
> modules) and expandable (as far as seems reasonable)...
> I know it sounds kind of like a modular, but the idea is to make it truly
> open, and get everyones input..
> and start with a a common module size, common PSU and user interface for
> EVERY module...
> Anyone can contribute or use designs, PROVIDED they keep the design as 'open
> source'..
> for example, If someone put a design for an oscillator up there, anyone
> could use it... but if they modified it, they would HAVE to put the new
> version of the schematics up and credit the original author/URL...
> You lot (includeing me) have often said "If we put our heads together we
> could make a MONSTER synth to beat anything out there", so lets do it!
> What do you guys think?
> I have some webspace free (and some subdomains) so I can host the page
> (unless someone else wants to)
> Paul
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