[sdiy] CMOS CD4046 ring mod??

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Thu Dec 27 10:07:06 CET 2001

media at mail1.nai.net wrote:
>I keep reading descriptions of the Type II phase discriminator as a
>"balanced mixer" or "four-quadrant multiplier" -- descriptions that are
>also used to describe a ring modulator.  So has anyone ever built a ring
>mod using a 4046??  Even it it only worked with pulse waves, it might be a
>nice add-on if one were already using a 4046.

A previous member of the list (he liked to cheese people off
by using controversial names for himself as a "joke") had a 
4046 VCO design that used the XOR gate for ring mod.  I never
got much usable range out of it.  It will stay linear over
about 2.5 octaves, so the design, IMHO is musically pretty

I had never thought of seeing what happens if you process two
'digital' signals through PC II.  I think it's something to
go ahead and breadboard, see what happens.

Interesting idea.  I say, just try it, let us know! 

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