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harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Thu Dec 27 06:45:25 CET 2001

I'd add the following ratings:

0 - I don't know which end of the soldering iron gets hot before I
plug it in. I get it wrong half the time.  ;^P

0 - Even if you explain it in a way I could understand... I''ll just flame
you onlist to conceal my ignorance....  ;^D

0 - If its broken... its the designer's fault.  un$ubscribe me at once !!!

H^) harry

Disclaimer:  this is not meant to insult any beginners... If you are
patient... we
will teach you everything you need to know

Magnus Danielson wrote:

> From: matti <matti at devo.com>
> Subject: Re: [sdiy] beginner
> Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 21:30:03 -0500 (EST)
> > On Tue, 25 Dec 2001, Scott Gravenhorst wrote:
> > *snip*
> >
> > > Maybe we need a web page for that, a collection of kit maker
> > > URLs that represents the people on SDIY.  That way, this question
> > *snip*
> >
> > how's this?
> > http://www.devo.com/~matti/synth-diy/kits.html
> Missing:
> The SAS-modular! ;O)
> On the ASM-1:
> Change
> - PCBs available from Gene Stopp, at 60 usd per
> into
> - PCBs available from Gene Stopp, at 60 USD per PCB
> Other than that I think it is great that we (finally) put up a webpage
> with a basic comparision of the options at least. This is indeed a
> somewhat messy FAQ question really and I think our answers tend to
> vary from time to time, all with a personal flavour.
> There's really a few questions that should be answered by the person
> attempting it:
> How good am I on soldering?
> 5 - I solder alot at work, even do SMD and big capacitors.
> 4 - I solder or soldered alot, some even professionally.
> 3 - I am fairly good, have done several repairs, kits etc.
> 2 - I do not solder often, I mostly fix cables.
> 1 - Solder-iron? Is that the thing those techs are using to fix things
>     with?
> How much work am I prepared to do myself?
> 5 - I do the full bounty - design, schematics, PCB, frontpanel, box
>     (fiddeling with the electromechanic stuff).
> 4 - I do schematics (often nicks and adapt constructions), PCB,
>     frontpanel, box.
> 3 - I do PCB, frontpanel and box stuff.
> 2 - Give me a PCB and components and I slam things together.
> 1 - I have no idea of what needs to be done.
> How good am I at finding errors in something?
> 5 - I call the designers and point out there missing or incorrect
>     2-degree compensation. I do it for a living.
> 4 - I amuse myself in finding error which is "impossible" or non-obvious.
> 3 - I usually fix them, some are a bit annoying, but if I can't figure
>     them out I ask friends (as Synth-DIY one can presume).
> 2 - I check the fuse and I check for black dots around components,
>     sometimes I also find shorts and breaks. I try to find the error
>     by replacing components by chance. I don't really understand
>     schematics, I just see how things interconnect.
> 1 - If it's broken it's broken and I can't do anything about it.
> How much am I ready to pay?
> XXXXX SEK (everyone but a few has to do exchangerates ;O)
> After these questions have been answered I think we could have come up
> with rougth ratings of required level for the various possibilities.
> A missing possibility is to just nick schematics of the web. We can
> rate that possibility too, and we should recall that it is really one
> that is being persued by quite some people. I know that many people
> look at the ASM-1 stuff and then build their own stuff with the ASM-1
> as a basis. Some for instance take the schematic and design their own
> PCB (most common) but there also exists those that modify the
> schematic more or less before they go on. This helps to display the
> levels you can play with. In the end it comes down to which level you
> are at in Synth-DIY abilities.
> Please don't ask what I would consider to be my ratings, I am to
> modest to say where I consider myself to be. ;O)
> (Here you see that I am more European than "American" ;O)
> Cheers,
> Magnus - that crazy Swede

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