[sdiy] Someone on the list may have a virus

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Sun Dec 23 08:25:51 CET 2001

Please accept my apology in advance:

I received an email with "Re: Re: [sdiy] Linear FM"
in the subject line, which points to someone on the SDIY
list (or possibly in the address book of a list member).
The email contained no plain language text, but had an 
attachment with the very suspicious file name of 
xxxxx.MP3.pif.  xxxxx is not the real name... the file
was vaporized by my virus/worm software, but it was there
long enough for me to see the fake MP3 extension. 

Recent releases of worms that abuse Outlook (LookOut!) 
by Microsoft attempt to fool the recipient into opening 
the attachment manually by using a common document 
extension (such as MP3) followed by one that triggers 
execution on a DOS/Windows machines.  Unfortunately, 
my virus software nuked the file when I tried to examine it 
for virus contents and I cannot say exactly who it was from, 
except that the first character of the sender's address 
was an underscore.  (The underscore could easily have been 
added by the worm).

It might behoove those of you who use Microsoft Outlook that 
also have 'music.maker at gte.net' in your address book to check
your system for virus/worm infection.

I apologize profusely for this message, but this is the second 
time this has happened to me and I fear that one of you may have
an infection that could possibly damage your system.

If it happens again, I will save a copy of it so that perhaps
I can determine the origin.  The main reason I posted here is
that the subject line is esoteric enough to point to someone

May everyone here have great holidays.

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