[sdiy] Maplin Vernier Dials/thanks!

steve thomas s.thomas at qmul.ac.uk
Sat Dec 22 18:44:01 CET 2001


> Thanks, guys...
> I've tried hard without success to locate these...
> Luckily I've got 5 here, three of which I'm sticking
> on one of my M3X machine.

good idea..it'll look cool!

>Although as Verniers, they
> are probably crap! They sure look the part.

I agree! I have high quality Beckman dials on my synthiA clone..
but I think the japanese Verniers are very cool/retro looking..plus you can
coloured caps on them ..which is tricky on the Beckman type.
These planetary verniers can be a  bit sloppy..the dodgy one i have tends to
'jump' at certain places as you rotate it!  Probably ok new ..but they
dont last.

> If I remember rightly, they were hellish to tune on my
> Synthi AKS (when I had one!)...
> I intend to use those Bournes blue-looking single-turn
> pots behind these dials.

yes thats also probably wise ..though on my vcs3 I just replaced the old
carbon pot with a new higher quality
carbon type and the oscillators sound excellent.

> Steve, your stuff looks amazing! Keep up you excellent
> work!

thanks for the nice comments  ;0) !

> The beauty of doing custom/one-off projects is that
> you can put all the refinements into them and make
> them unique! Thanks to Peter Snow, I'm doing an all
> 'metal can' synth,

when i first read this i had visions of your synth
enclosure being a biscuit tin! (Actually someone
did make one of Tony Allgoods TB3030
synths inside an M&S biscuit tin..there were pics of it on his webpages)
Now I get your meaning...! I have some can type CA3080's
and a couple of 709's cans (werent they the first IC opamps?)
I used the latter  to make the extremely retro  'kraakle
box'   early circuit bending 'synth'.
Can type opamps are cool..



>just for fun...this will be truly
> unique...he gave me some dual opamps and mc1496's in
> cans to add to my ua748's,741 and ceramic/gold
> lm108's. Should sound ancient!!!
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