[sdiy] Complete novice asks question...

Chris Randall chris at smg.org
Wed Dec 19 23:56:28 CET 2001

> The 4700 is no longer made.  Perhaps you mean 9700?

Err, um, yeah. Sorry about that. In any case, good points all, but you put
me in a position where I feel the need to qualify my "mediocre" statement. I
don't have a 9700 (I think that would be obvious) but I did build a Fatman.
I can say without any guilt that it is the single least used sound making
device I own. No offense to PAiA is intended, but I think that the
oscillators are anything but "fat,"  the filter is underwhelming, and (most
assuredly a result of my ham-fisted building, I'll grant) it's operation is
patchy at best, and balky at worst.

Caveat emptor: this is definitely my own experience with the unit, and I am
certain that many people here are perfectly happy with their Fatmen, and use
them all the time.

Anyways, assuming you get the face plate, you're out around $175 for the
Fatman, which you have to build all at once for it to work. If you buy the
P9700S, you're out $450, which is roughly 2.5 times the cost, but I think
that is more than warranted by what you get, and the synth's inherent
ability to be expanded. The Fatman, aside from the minor mods that other
people have thought up, is more or less a dead end, not the least reason
being the V/Hz operation.

Why not spend what amounts to a relatively small amount of additional time
and money, and get something that more accurately reflects the standards to
which we all more or less agree? I started with the Fatman, and boy do I
wish there had been more DIY options when it was released. Nowadays, there
are a plethora of DIY options to consider that are far better than the
Fatman, and will ultimately leave you with a product that is more usefull,
sounds better, taught you more, and will thus provide you with a better
entry point in to this sort of thing, no?

-Chris Randall

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