[sdiy] Can I do anything useful with this?

Sowa Roman Roman.Sowa at upc.com.pl
Tue Dec 18 17:25:06 CET 2001

IMHO adding a little extra controller is simpler than doing it all
from the begining in 8049. One chip, I'd use PIC16F627, reading
RS232 (before voltage converters of course) and adding appropriate
MIDI messages to the value sent by the box. I assume that the box
sends 2 bytes: pot number and its value. I wouldn't be surprised if
it was more than 8-bits for pot position (3 bytes then).

So, first find (write) simple software that prints on PC screen everything
that is sent via RS232 from this box, see what bytes change when you
move the knob and what change when you move another knob.
Then you just have to write (or ask someone to do it for you) simple
byte conversion program for the PIC.


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""    Sound like quite a find...and those are probably not 
""pots, but encoders....
""    Not being an Intel guy, I don't really know what an 8045 
""is, but, it sounds to me
""that a little reverse engineering and you could make a midi 
""controller out of this thing
""quite easily.  You will have to get an assembler for the 
""8045, or find some way to
""replace it with something like an AVR or PIC, and I think you 
""are in business!
""    -Jim
"""THOMAS, Mervyn" wrote:
""> Following the recent talk about rifling through skips 
""(dumpsters) and
""> getting lucky-
""> I just 'found' a 'knob box' - off an old CAD system I think 
""- it comprises 8
""> pots , an 8 channel A-D converter, 8045 uC, UART + RS232 
""(via 8 pin mini
""> DIN) interface.

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