[sdiy] Can I do anything useful with this?

THOMAS, Mervyn mervyn.thomas at astrium-space.com
Tue Dec 18 11:55:27 CET 2001

Following the recent talk about rifling through skips (dumpsters) and
getting lucky-

I just 'found' a 'knob box' - off an old CAD system I think - it comprises 8
pots , an 8 channel A-D converter, 8045 uC, UART + RS232 (via 8 pin mini
DIN) interface.

It's labelled IBM 6094-010 but can find no details on line. The pots just go
round and round - never come across these before, they're marked Japan Servo
VP22 but they don't feature on the Japan Servo website.

So, question is: could this be used as a MIDI controller of some kind (via
PC I guess) and if so how? bearing in mind I ain't the worlds most competent
programmer :o)

Read serial port > write midi data?? Could this data be merged with MIDI
from (say) a sequencer to control a keyboard??

Anyone done anything like this before or able to offer suggestions?? Seems
such a shame to waste it...

happy trails...

Merv Thomas.
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