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> Remembers me of my AMD times... When a customer went bancrupt the
> returning chips had to be destroyed since they have been already booked
> as a loss.
> Thanks to the janitor (who had to do the cruel work of destruction) I was
> able to get some piles of EPROMs and MACHs here and there - promising that
> they will never ever enter the market again.
> I've been told that that destruction game is played in electronics stores
> as well - if e.g. TV sets don't sell (not even at dumping prices) they

The destruction game is played by a lot of such outfits...of course, the 
people who play the destruction game with them play their own games as well. 
A friend of mine who I met through the remarketing business (who shall remain 
*very* nameless), bought 50 or so of a certain very high end computer 
peripheral (also nameless), from a company who shall also remain nameless. He 
got new bogus serial numbers printed for these units and sold them, using an 
assumed name....at a profit of around $200,000. Crime does pay in some cases, 
it seems.

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