[sdiy] Midi to CV

GothGeek Sysadmin xyzzy at sysabend.org
Sat Dec 15 21:38:45 CET 2001

I'm just curious what people are using for Midi/CV.  I'm sick of having
to remember to transpose when the Midi/CV box is powered up so I'm looking for
a box that can be otherwise hardcoded.  In particular this is for my
MiniMoog where I need to work around the little F=0v issue.  My brain
is currently pudding after going over the Paia Midi2CV8 source but it
looks easily enough hackable, but I figured I'd ask before shelling out
the $$$ for this and then setting up an MASM build environment.

I'd be happy with just CV/Gate out, but a couple of CV outs would be
even better.  Perhaps someone has a PIC solution?

MoogieStyle MidiJack need not apply.

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