[sdiy] Please help identify IC

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Fri Dec 14 14:57:51 CET 2001

It's clearly marked:

RCA H 8406

RCA's site doesn't have info on it, freetradezone
searches for 'contains' 1079 and 8406 aren't fruitful
at least they show nothing made by RCA.  A lot of cable
part numbers show up.

I'm assuming now that 8406 is a date code of June 1984.

I have a tube of these, I thought they were TL084, they
are 14 pin, DIP.  When I powered it as a TL084, it 
got HOT as in I singed my finger.  (This was a new one 
out of the tube.  Now it's in the trash)  I'm beginning 
to think it might be an ancient floppy diskette chip (FD...)

Thanks for any info, it's not real critical, but I would
like to know what they are if anyone can help.  I have
about 10 *real* TL084s made by JRC.

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