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Andre Majorel amajorel at teaser.fr
Wed Dec 12 12:08:21 CET 2001

On 2001-12-11 14:29 -0800, Jay Schwichtenberg wrote:

> NJR has NJM13600 & NJM13700 in surface mounts which are
> available from Mouser.

In Mouser's catalogue, I see

  Mouser Stock No. Description				Mfg Stock No.
  513-NJM13600M	NJR OP AMPS dmp-16 dual tran con	NJM13600M
  513-NJM13600D	NJR OP AMPS dip-16 dual tran con	NJM13600D

What is that "dmp-16" package format ? Is that SMD ?

I take it that "dip-16" is regular (non-SMD) DIP package.

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