[sdiy] 2SK30A(Y) Fet Replacement

Tony Allgood oakley at techrepairs.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Dec 11 18:10:08 CET 2001

> I am trying to clone the DR55 sound generation part and I want to
> the 2SK30A(Y)which is in there with an european equivalent from the
> series.

Its a standard part that should be available from most good mail order
places. However, the problem you may have is that they often do not
specify what grade you are getting. Y types are the most common and
still being made by Toshiba. CPC in the UK stock them, and Reichelt in
Germany also sell them the last time I looked.

But do check the circuit... it may be used as a current sink or a low
offset buffer. The grade may be very important.


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