[sdiy] newbie with some questions

John Blacet blacet at blacet.com
Mon Dec 10 17:11:13 CET 2001

Hi Matt:

You definitely want to run power supply wires for *each* module back to
the power supply; this is a noise reducing technique. Use wires in the
22 ga to 18 ga area. Most commercial modules use four wires: +15V, -15V
and two commons or grounds.

You might want to check out the Blacet PS500 supply as it is made
expressly for synth modules. It is safely enclosed to protect the user
from AC exposure. A compatible type supply is available from MOTM (Synth
Tech). (This one is not enclosed; needs to be inside a case.)

You can check out what other modular makers do at:


John Blacet
Blacet Research

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