[sdiy] Back on the list - Guitar synth

Toby carpet8 at mac.com
Mon Dec 10 07:42:42 CET 2001

on 12/9/01 8:38 PM,  at psnow at magma.ca wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> Welcome back to the list. I have been following your recent posts on the Yahoo

I thought a cool circuit to build would give a little pitch spike on the
attack of a guitar synth tone.  I got this idea when i was trying to make a
sound like Fripp's on "The Sheltering Sky".  I found out I could get pretty
close with my NanoSynth patch using big spike on the front end of the pitch
envelope.  I figure I could use an upward ramp modulating a phase shift
circuit to advance the phase.

Anyway, I'm working on some guitar synth ideas right now and I'd love to
hear more from people.


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