[sdiy] Protel spam?

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Tue Dec 4 16:34:54 CET 2001

Protel was recently bought by Altium.
Altium also has Circuitmaker under their hood.
Circuitmaker compares to Target 3001 in both features and price.

It seems Altium started a wide direct mail campaign.
I got e-mail spam from them
(including apologies for obtaining my e-mail address in a unconventional
And a week later a load of folders and a CD over snail mail.
(including apologies for obtaining my home address in a unconventional way)


From: Alex <alex at xatomic.ch>

> Hello
> I once used a trial version of Protel99. Well it wasn't that bad. And the
> 3D-View of the circuit
> board was a funny feature, too. But now I use Target 3001. A great
> PCB/schematic software package
> from a small german company (http://www.ibfriedrich.com). It contains a
> good autorouter
> (contour & shape based) and cost less than a tenth of Protel (about 400
> bucks, the 1000pin limited version).
> But in most projects I do the most of routing in my brain, as it's really
> hard to get good results in critical designs.
> Alex
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> What the heck is this with protel stuff, they still try to reach me
> for buying their SOOOO good pcb-software...
> Not to be annoying or anything, but...
> Why let software rout when its much more of a mindjob to fix the
> pcb yourself, I did... with a waterproof marker on transparents...
> Now i just use Boardcreator 5.0, freeware, and does the job at 285
> so im just gona have to ignore the protel division?
> Anyone?
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